Trends for 2017

Hey, guys it’s me Tani back with an amazing topic which would definately influence you to update your closet according to this year. To be more clear i would differentiate the earlier trends with the latest ones. 

  • Several necklaces instead of chokers

     It’s time to say goodbye to chokers and start choosing metal necklaces. Current trend: combining several pieces of jewelry. For example, you can wear one big piece and combine it with two small ones.

  • Combining pieces of jewelry instead of wearing jewelry with spikes

          It’s better to put away your pieces of jewelry with spikes until they’re trending again. Instead, you can wear a couple of pieces of jewelry that are different in color and texture.

  • Natural look instead of contouring

     A natural skin tone with a slightly wet effect comes to replace contouring. Instead of different highlighters, it’s better to purchase powder of a natural color and use it when necessary.

  • Loose waves instead of tight curls

      Beachy loose waves are going to replace tight curls in 2017. Luckily, we won’t have to overheat our hair with curling irons and fix it with a huge amount of hairspray anymore.

  • Velvet instead of denim

       Velvet clothes come to replace denim. They give elegance, glamour, and chic to the image of every woman. Clothes including satin, leather, tweed, and suede are the best to combine with velvet. It’s also better to choose one matte thing and one with a slight sheen when combining clothes of different textures with velvet items.

  • Classic skirts instead of tutu skirts

      Tutu skirts slightly go out of fashion. Pleated and pencil skirts are trending again because they’re truly universal pieces that look good on everyone with no exceptions. Such skirts will perfectly accentuate your figure and legs.

  • Fitted coats instead of oversized coats

      Oversized coats won’t be trending anymore as they will be replaced by fitted coats. But don’t hurry to throw unfashionable things away because we all know that old fashion will come back one day.

  • Unusual color combinations instead of classic ones

      Matching the color of your shoes with the color of your bag has become a bad fashion habit. Modern fashion trends tell us that we shouldn’t do this anymore. We recommend that you make the main focus on your bag. You can match the color of your shoes with the color of your coat, for example.

  • Pumps instead of wedge sneakers

      Wedge sneakers should be replaced with classic pumps that will always be the perfect finishing accent to your image. They also look great on any woman.

All about shoes! 

Keep your heels,head and standards high!

Hey, am tanisha back with an amazing topic which would definitely influence people to a large extent! We all are aware of how shoes work to make our personality more impressive! How many of us are aware that shoes could even modify our outfits to endless extent! Well, honestly i didn’t know this for a long time😂. As i passed 13 years of life knowing all about  shoes was a must to become a fashion influencer and blogger

So, taking the example of this image. Could you even imagine this outfit without these pretty white heels? No, i can’t. To make it more easier for you to understand: could you imagine this outfit with red heels?? Eu! Sounds drastically mismatched😲. This illustrates that the right pair of shoes should be paired with the right type of outfit!